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Instead of practising some HTML and CSS code with a local editor as Dreamweaver or Atom (freeware) – which would take too much time – we’ll practise with a free browser-based online editor.


We’ll use Mozilla’s THIMBLE. Please go to or click on the image above.

Everything else is done there, I’ll indicate how to code.

Picture’s can not be uploaded at Thimble, so you can use a picture of mine with that code:

<img src="">

You can use any other web based image by right-clicking on that image, “Open image in a new tab”, then go to that tab and copy the picture’s URL, paste this URL in the SRC attribute of the IMG tag shown above.

Here’s a web view of my code sample

Alternatively, you may copy my sample code from here and paste it in your Thimble:

If you want to use other fonts go to Google Fonts and choose yours. I’ll show how to implement their code.


Other online editor platforms: