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3 groups of 5 persons


Based on a given information architecture, which is an Excel list of spare parts of a computer manufacturer (see screenshot), you should conceive an easy-to-use web interface for consumers who need to order a spare part for their device.

Find a solution which is displayable on a smartphone screen, if possible without scrolling. There might be follow-up pages depending on the user’s input.

Give the user a hint that the model name code is printed or sticked somewhere on each product. For this task, you do not need to take care of users which do not have the product code ready.

Just sketch your ideas without designing the page. Avoid information overkill. Hide, what can be hidden. Focus on the searching/finding/ordering process. Consider to conceive a form rather than showing huge lists.

Just show how the ordering steps would be for one spare part, from the starting page to the final order.

Keep in mind, that, thanks to AJAX, the form can make proposals to the user depending on what he’s typing in. Or can show dropdown selection menues depending on the context.

Time: 60 min. max.

Each group shall present it’s solution on a flip-chart

Download Excel-Sheet (original Acer Switzerland spare parts list)

Screenshots student works