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Check out the basics of “Domain” and “Webhosting” here.

Publishing your WordPress classroom project site on your own domain requires several steps:

1. Get a Domainname

Sellers of domain names are called Registrar. If you haven’t any domainname yet, you need to order one. The domain suffix (like .ch, .com) is called TLD (Top Level Domain). Various TLD’s are possible:

Checkout if a .ch Domain is available: https://www.nic.ch/de/whois/
Checkout if a .com/.net/.org Domain is available: https://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index-res.jsp
Checkout fancy TLD’s: https://www.united-domains.de/neue-top-level-domain/

In most cases, buying a name can be done together with the ordering of a webhosting service (see step 2). If you buy a fancy TLD but host it on a swiss hosting service, you have to order both services separately, and then enter the hoster’s nameserver data in your registrar’s domain account. Needs some fiddling but works.

2. Get a Hosting Service

For swiss residents I recommend swiss hosters, as foreign cheapo-hostings aren’t hassle-free at all (“you get what you pay for”). Shared hosting (virtual hosting) will do it in almost any case (unless you have 5’000 visitors per hour on your site). I recommend a service from the midclass, which is kreativmedia.ch from Zurich. Their “Shared Hosting” offer is CHF 7.90/month for 50GB and takes up to 10 different websites (different domains), while the swiss market leader Hostpoint wants CHF 12.90/month for the same.

Both hosters are as well registrar and hoster, so you can order almost all, but not all, domainnames there. This will save you the hassles with setting up nameserver DNS manually.

3. Install WordPress on your new hosting account

If you have chosen Kreativmedia, you will have received your login data by email. Look for “Plesk-Zugang”. Plesk is the admin tool of your hosting account which lets you install software (like WordPress), setup email accounts and much more.

Go to “Anwendungen” at the left and select “WordPress” > “Install”. You just need to install the basic CMS software, you do not need to do more.

4. Export your WordPress site from your old server

Go back to your original WordPress website and login, go to the plugin section, and first delete all deactivated (unneeded) plugins, then deactivate (but not delete) ALL needed plugins (for security reasons). Then, still in the plugins section, select “Add New” and search for “All-in-One WP Migration“.

Install and activate it. Go to the “All-in-One WP Migration” section which should have appeared in the menu at the left. Choose “Export”.

Then do a find/replace routine to update all internal links to your new domain. Type the URL of your site in the Find field, and the URL of your new domain in the Replace field. Take care that both must either have a slash at the end, or both have no slash. Check it carefully because a typo error might mess up your future site.



Then “Export to: FILE”

The plugin will pack your site, settings, media files, plugins, database backups etc. into one file. Download this file on your computer. Reactivate the deactivated plugins if you want.

5. Import your WordPress site to your new server

migrate-dbNow, login in the WordPress admin of your new server, go to the plugin section and install and activate “All-in-One WP Migration” there. Once done, go to the “All-in-One WP Migration” settings and choose “Import”.

Drop the previously downloaded file up there and you should be done. Activate the plugins that need to be activated.

In at least 80-90% of the cases, the site migration should have worked that way. There might be hassles that have to be worked out individually. Consider that this is not only a copy&paste thing, but the transfer from one domain to another, from one database to another, and from one webserver configuration to another.