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Whats UX?

User Experience involves a person’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a product – which includes websites and apps.


User Experience in the digital world includes all practical aspects of human–computer interaction. The user centered approach is the key of successful UX design, why it is often also called user-centered design. User Experience is about users, not marketing, not technology.


User Experience Design

If there’s a gap between design and user experience, it may look like this:


The aim of UX design is not only to anticipate the the user’s behaviour, but also to learn from former designs.


While the tinkered solution shown above may work for now, the gardening designer might consider smarter way designs next time.

The sample below shows a more intelligent improvement of a product design:


UX Myths
User Experience Myths – explained by Zurich-based UX expert Zoltán Gócza (in 9 languages)

Personal sample of a positive personal user experience
Velo Plus – E-Commerce (Swiss, german language) – I bought a really hard-to-find spare part for a vintage bicycle, a 30-tooth chainring with 74mm bolt circle diameter, thanks to the search function, a well made navigation and an easy-to-use interface.

The product was well described and illustrated with fotos, and the page even indicated that this product is not only available by mail, but is also in stock in their shop closest to my adress, which gave me the choice between getting it next morning by mail, or picking it up in Zurich immediately.

Meet UX experts in casual athmosphere at the meetup UX happy hour in Zurich, monthly.

HomeWebdesign Management → User Experience (UX)


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