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While interaction design focuses rather on user behaviour, the frontend design is the final visual appearance of an interactive product.

“The front end is an interface between the user and the back end.”

Or, “the frontend is the visual part of digitally published contents”.

Or, “the frontend is is what the user-agent (typically a browser) is displaying based on the code developers produced (html, css, js, php, and more)”.

Front end design (for web)

Successful front-end designing inludes coding skills. The times, when creatives used to design websites in photoshop and deliver their work to a coder, are passed. The understanding of the frontend technology is fundamental for the designer.

Typical frontend coding (at codePen, an online web developer's tool and community)

Typical frontend coding at codePen, an online web developer’s tool and community.

Some recommendations for successful frontend design:

  • Always keep IA, IxD, Usability, UX in mind
  • Mobile first
  • Stay minimal and clean
  • Keep the client’s CI design in mind
  • Use good fonts
  • Use unfunctional decoration elements very moderately. Or better not at all
  • More media, less text
  • KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)

Look at the links page for some samples.

HomeWebdesign Management → Frontend Design

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