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“Portfolio” Project

In this media design project, each student will create an individual portfolio website with an individual topic (see below) and a given content management (WordPress) and publish it online.


Each student will present it’s site on the last course day, dec. 19th.

As the evaluation will be done in january, it will be allowed to optimize the site during the holydays, until jan. 3rd, 2017; but nevertheless a complete work must be presented at the dead line.


Your project site will be evaluated and this will add 80% to the final Media Design evaluation (the theory quiz the other 20%). The total Media Design evaluation will add 35% to the ‘Integration_1_Visual_Design’ module evaluation.

Requirements and evaluation criteria

The topic of the portfolio can be chosen individually. It can show real objects of your choice (photographed yourself), or handmade illustrations, sketches or objects. Find more details about topic and vizualization here.

Information architecture:
The structure of the site must be worked out. Please create a sitemap of your site, before you start bulding it. This can be done either with post-it’s on a wall (most recommended method), with excel or a professional wireframing/mockup tool if you want to go the professional way.

Content extent:

The website must contain

  • A self created logo
  • A home (starting) page, which can be the portfolio grid or a custom home page
  • At least 12 well worked out portfolio entries. Each entry contains at least one full width photo/illustration/video, a title, and a text describing the portfolio item.  More pictures and/or video(s) per entry are optional
  • An “About” page
  • A blog page with posts (for instance, discussions about your portfolio items) is optional
  • Each information unit (page, post or portfolio entry) must contain at least one picture (or video)


  • Content and design must fit together. Does it look good?
  • Style consistency (pictures, page layouts, fonts, colors) throughout the entire site
  • You are free to choose the theme (design) you want, but please customize it to which ever grade you want
  • I will not evaluate the theme’s given design, but it’s customizations (a theme customization plugin – Divi Builder – will help you to customize your site)


Will be evaluated:

  • Quality of the pictures (illustrational or photographical quality, picture editing quality) including the self created logo
  • Media handling/media size. Pictures should be in the right data format, resolution and color mode, always big enough, but not oversized (a format larger than full HD 1920x1080px will rarely make sense)

User Friendlyness 

Will be evaluated:

  • The ease-of-use of your website
  • The proper structuring and the naming consistency of your contents

Technical requirements

  • Videos should be embedded through Youtube or Vimeo, otherwise they might blow up your server space which is limited to 100MB
  • Do not upload files that do not belong on the webserver (like psd, ai, doc, xls etc. )


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