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Portfolio Items

  • Choose at least 12 items, that are in an evident relationship together
  • The items can be collectionables, things of daily use, art pieces, plants, food, gadgets – whatever you like. But keep in mind you will have to visualize and describe it
  • The items will have to be either illustrated, photographed or filmed (or a combination of it)
  • You will have to create meaningful titles and a short descriptions for your items
  • Each item will be presented on a single page (or post)


  • You may illustrate your items either with hand drawn sketches or digital tools as Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop or whatever
  • If you illustrate by hand, you will need to scan your drawings (scanners are in the house)
  • There will be an optional Illustrator introduction workshop

Print Flyer

  • Resume the essence of your site in a printable flyer
  • The main purpose of the flyer is to tease and promote your website, but not all items
  • The flyer format is A5 (high or wide), double side printed
  • There will be optional InDesign assistance if required
  • Create a web sized PDF and a printable PDF for both applications online and print

Photography and Video

  • The items are photographed, filmed or illustrated by the groups
  • You may use mobile phones for shooting. The quality of your pictures is depending on your personal skills, not on the camera. If you use lower level gear such as mobile phones or point&shoot cameras, take care to have enough light. It’s in lowlight where these cameras fail more
  • The HSLU D&K Videowerkstatt in Emmenbrücke also offers a photo studio and provides photo and video cameras (free for students, details below)
  • Your photographs must be edited well (Photoshop) and being output for web properly
  • There will be an optional Photoshop workshop for image editing, cutting out elements and saving for web
  • Think about the background of your items. It should not be disturbing. It can be on location anywhere, or in front of a neutral background in the studio or the stand. If you intend to cut out your objects in Photoshop, you should better use a neutral or monocolor background

HSLU D&K Photo Studio and Camera Service

If you want to use HSLU gear and studio , keep in mind that you have to reserve everything in advance at the HSLU Videowerkstatt. The earlier you book, the higher is the chance you get it. It might be worth the effort since their gear and service is pretty professional.

Contact Details
Contact person: Behzad Olia
Phone: +41 41 248 61 47
More informations:

Raum U125
Gerliswilstrasse 19
6021 Emmenbrücke
Google Maps

Renting conditions (PDF, in german)

HomeCourse Overview → Project Details