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As we will work with notebooks, and sometimes mobile phones, too, during the whole course, we need some rules about using web-connected devices during all lectures:

  • The mobile phone is muted and in your bag or pocket, except if need it to view your website online on your phone. No other usage of the mobile phone is allowed

  • On your notebook, only applications used for the course are running (Browser, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc). All other applications are disabled, especially including mailing and chatting apps

  • Exception: while working individually on your project, music listening is allowed with headphones

  • In your browser(s), only tabs with project-related pages are allowed. No social media sites, no news sites, etc., opened

These rules are strongly required to prevent distraction and procrastination. Working with the web since over 20 years, I had to introduce these rules for myself, too.

HomeCourse Overview → Class Room Rules